About Us

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OUR MISSION Our goal is to give every allied health provider the means to run their own life and their private practice their own way. We get great joy out of giving each individual provider freedom to make your own hours and to manage your own demands. Our goal is to provide training, resources and a supportive network of other healthcare providers so you do not feel alone in your practice. We have a vision of a network of people who fill the gaps that the public health system is unable to provide to the public, and ultimately to fill a true need for all Canadians. Negativity cramps our style. We approach everything that we do with optimism and enthusiasm. We love the challenges, achievements, and growth that comes with the work. Working for ourselves makes us happy, so that we can make our clients happy. It is with loyalty and commitment that we fulfill our mission to give every therapist the means to change the Health Care of their local communities.